Our body is a complex machine and as engine requires fuel,so does our body in the form of macronutrients n micronutrients.

Now these macro n micro nutrients are required in a specific amount,neither  excess nor less.

It is said-

Excess of everything is bad

So does less,the food you eat decides the future you.

Often micronutrients like vitamins and minerals are forbidden while having much of macronutrients i.e. proteins,fats and carbohydrates. And their deficiencies are often have to be  supplemented with.

There are further three types of food,one bodybuilding foods,these include milk,meat,poultry,fish,eggs,pulses,nuts and oil seeds etc.

Second, energy giving foods,these include cereals,sugars,roots and tubers,fats and oils etc.

Third, protective foods,these include vegetables,fruits,milk etc.

I hope you didn’t see any junk food qualifying here as the best since disadvantages of those are always overweighted.

Now the choice is yours,

Either choose 9cm short  tongue or 9m long digestive tract

Nevertheless,we’re there for your service. Don’t forget to visit us to know more.

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