Bed wetting is quite commonly found in children. Now,this bed wetting or enuresis is further of 2 types which is primary and secondary. And the secondary one is to be concerned about since it’s not present since birth,started after attaining a certain age for which the cause has to be ruled out. Coming back to the primary or the one generally found in children which is out of habit or due to genetic predisposition for the same.

Here are some tips for parents-

•Try to provide them with dinner n drinks two hours before bed.

•Make peeing before heading to bedroom a habit in children alongwith brushing teeth.

•Make sure you don’t send your child with any type of stress to sleep.

•Be your child’ first friend and guide them in overcoming this habit.

Now if you’re an adult and is doing bed wetting,it might be because alcohol,stress or some pathology.  Consult us today.

Now,coming to the homoeopathic therapeutics-

Equisetum hyemnale


Benzoic acid

Nitric acid


Lac can

Hyoscyamus etc.

We’ve spent years studying them. Kindly don’t take them without supervision with your minutes  knowledge .

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